I am Kim.  I am human, I make mistakes.  I am real.  I am honest.  I hold back, but share what needs to be shared.  I don’t like talking about things.  So I write.  I have control over the words.  I put thought into my writing.  I put emotion into it as well.  I am sarcastic beyond belief.  I love humor, but don’t always write with it. 

My family – despite our craziness, I love them.  I have two sisters, both older, a brother in-law, 2 nephews, and a niece.  I have a mom, a step dad, and then there is my mom’s current husband.  My family could be described as complicated. I have no husband or boyfriend at the moment, nor any kids of my own.  But, I am only in my early 20’s.  That adventure comes later.  

People like to be told what they are getting. 
What my blog has to offer?
-A hint of disaster
-Did I mention sarcasm?
-And a hell of a lot more sarcasm.
Oh yea
-You damn well better believe that there will be a lot of fucking swearing in my writing.

So read!
I can’t physically force you to read, but it would be a fucking shame if you let all of my awesome words pass you by.
Just saying.