Have you ever ignored a feeling?

Of course you have, you are human.
We ignore feelings every day. Whether it be your conscience telling you that you are making a stupid choice, your gut feeling telling you something, or your stomach telling you to stop being a cow. You have ignored a feeling.

I ignored a feeling for a very long time. To be more accurate, I ignored a thought that came along with a feeling.

The thought?

You should be a counselor.

Hell no. I told that thought.

With that, I shoved it away never to reappear.
I went on to college to become a kindergarten teacher. I struggled with school, and my depression. I struggled a lot.

I hit a rock bottom, and I hung out there for a bit. I barely graduated with the degree I aimed for.


It came back

You should be a counselor


Yes! Be a counselor! It’s the right choice. Do it!

I thought about it.


By giving into the thought, the thought gave me a feeling.

The, this the right choice feeling.

Thwn I ignored it a little more. I got a job, got laid off, got a short term job, then dabbled in this and that. Then I sat around.

Finally, enough was enough.

The thought and the feeling came back full force.

So I looked into it, for months.

Finally, I enrolled in a school to get my Masters in mental health counseling.

I don’t regret going to school to be a teacher. I have learned a lot. I know what I want and don’t want. I made amazing friends, and went through some experiences that needed to happen to bring me where I am. Also, I don’t think I am doing with teaching yet.

Did you know that some career counselors don’t recommend that someone makes a career decision until late adolescence or early adulthood? .