“Your best changes every day.”

Someone told me this once a few years ago.
It has stuck with me.
I remind myself of this.
I tell others this.
It is important to remember.
Some days you wake up feeling like you can take on the world.
Other days, you wake up feeling that getting out of bed is pointless.
So some days your best is kicking ass left and right.
Other days your best is just getting out of bed at some point.
Even if it is just to use the bathroom.
Humans have a tenancy to compare.
Whether we compare ourselves to a character, to other people, or even to ourselves at a previous time.
We compare.
We drag ourselves down.
We say “you can be better.”
“Why are you failing?”
“Why do you suck so much right now?”
We successfully make ourselves feel like shit because well “Quite frankly” we say looking in the mirror with disgust, “your best is far from good enough.”
But that is not true.
We change.
Every single day
We are changing.
Our bodies.
Our minds.
Our emotions.
So how can we expect ourselves to be exactly the same as that one day when were absolutely amazing and practically ruling the the world?
We can’t.
It is that simple
We change.
Circumstances change.
Everything changes.
Your best changes every day.

Remember that.