Clearly, I suck at following through with things. But hey, life happens.
Life has been busy and not at the same time. Still job hunting. Anyways.

I have a kitten now. He is cute, and a complete pain in the ass. This is what happens most nights.

“Alright, Garfield, ready for bed?”
purr, purr, purr.
I turn off the light, turn on the fan, and climb in bed.
Kitten feet run across the floor.
He races around the bed like a lunatic.
Jumps on my head.
“Garfield, get off!”
I toss him on the floor.
He runs around in lunatic fashion again.
Jumps on my head again.
I toss him on the floor again.
He knocks something over.
By this point I have started to watch a show on my phone because he is not settling down.
He runs up to my face and plops down on my chin. Then puts both front paws on the phone screen. Purring all the while.
“You are a nut.”
I move a little. He moves right back to the same spot. This goes on for a few minutes.
He then gets annoyed and jumps down on the floor again.
Eats some food, drinks some water. Jumps back up and wipes his wet face on mine.
“Thanks cat. Thanks.”
He plops back down on my face.
I put him on his blanket.
He grabs my arm and starts gnawing on it
“Garfield! Ouch!”
I push him away, he attacks his blanket.
Runs across me a few times.
Then plops down on my feet, which he proceeds to attack.
Finally, 10 minutes later.
“Goodnight, Garfield.”

Let me just add, that at some point, he wakes up and attacks me some more. Then goes back to sleep. He is crazy.