I have dreams
I can see them.
Feel them.
So vivid, so real.
I dream in color, in light, in beauty,
love, passion, happiness.
My dreams.
So far from me.
I know they could be life changing.
I know they could make a difference.
But I am I.
I am one.
I am weak to the challenges.
The obstacles large.
I cannot climb over.
Stuck between two walls.
Cannot go forward.
Cannot turn back.
So I sit.
I ponder.
I question.
Dreams in a distance.
Calling for me.
I hear them.
Sweet melodies.
I long for them.
Projected through my mind 
On a screen.
Filling the sky.
I see them.
I want them.
They are mine.
But you see?
These walls?
Also mine.
I built them.
So how?, I ask the sky, do I take them down?