I dig through my clothes, looking for the perfect shirt. the loose fitting pink one. It’s the one I NEED today. I can’t find it anywhere. I need to hurry up. I know that no other shirt will look right with these pants. They hug in all of the wrong places, and so do my shirts. I am not comfortable with my fat hanging out of my pants, or my shirt tightly hugging all of my bumps. I change my pants and grab a loose fitting shirt. I look in the mirror, not happy, but it will do.

This is probably what most people go through each morning when getting dressed.

I am tired of it. In fact, I got SO tired of it, that I decided to make a change.

I had seen a lot of friends posting on Facebook about how they were losing weight, getting fit, and eating healthy. Day in and day out, I saw their posts and I was envious of their will power, but did not feel I had enough of my own. A couple of friends and their posts caught my eye. They were drinking extremely healthy shakes and doing workouts at home. I wanted that. I looked into it and found out they were following a Beach body challenge pack program. I looked into it. a lot. I am always really skeptical about those things.
But honestly?
How can you be skeptical about 70 of the highest quality nutrients and supplements making up a shake?
How can you question other peoples progress?

You can’t.

I got really excited and wanted to do it so bad!

Then I saw the price. My heart sank.
So much more than I could afford.

So, I continued looking on in envy.

In the beginning of May, I found out I would be getting laid off from my job at the end of the month.

I started looking for another job, and continued reading their posts with envy.

Then one of my friends doing shakeology told me about the business opportunity with beach body.

Become a coach? Me?

I was so excited about the possibility. but still hesitated.

Finally, a week before getting laid off, I made a choice.

I jumped in head first, no idea WHAT I was getting into.

But I was excited!

I signed up on a Tuesday, got my stuff on that Friday, and jumped into it all on Monday!

I have been doing Shakeology and Slim in 6 for a week now and I feel great!

I have energy.
I have motivation.
I have goals!
And I have progress.

Follow me along on the journey!