Why do we allow ourselves to settle.
Settle for less than what we are, what we deserve.
We work hard to reach a point.
Miss it.
Then settle for where we land.
We settle in that place for a while.
Until we realize thats what we have done.
We realize that we had bigger dreams.
Bigger accomplishments in mind.
We wanted to do more.
Be more.
Better ourselves,
To better others.
Make a difference.
But now we are stuck.
How do I climb out?
How do I pick up and start once again on this journey.
One step at a time, until we can see the road we were once traveling.
It looks different, feels different.
But it is the same destination.
Some people settle.
They stay settled.
Dont see a need or have a desire to try for something more.
To go back on the road they once were.
Others remember it though.
Recall the joy and familiarity of that road.
Despite the struggles.
They want to keep going.
And so.
They decide not to settle.
Decide their lives and their dreams are worth so much more.
They owe it to themselves.
Keep traveling.
Keep going.
Do not settle for less than what you are.
For less than what you want.
For smaller dreams.
Always dream.