Every year, that day comes again.
For a few days before and a few days after, I live through it again and again.
The whole 2 weeks or so surrounding it.
February 12th.
The day I had to say goodbye to a good friend.
The day I said goodbye to someone who was always nice to me, pushed me to try more, included me, made me feel like a person.
She was an amazing person to everyone.
No one had a bad thing to say about her.
She was real, genuine, funny.
I don’t know if she considered me a best friend, but I always considred her one.
We hung out a lot. 
Especially in elementary school.
We became friends in third grade.
She was always a part of my life after that.
Whether it was school, drama club, girl scouts, or my sister babysitting her.
I am so thankful.
She made my life better.
She made me feel like I was wanted around, even when no one else did.
I am sure her mom played a part in that.
Saw how much I looked up to Heather.
I am sure part of it was Heather as well though.
She invited me along.
We shared notes in class.
We belted out songs on the radio.
She was important.
Was, and still is, loved by everyone.

Its been 8 years.
It feels like yesterday.
The pain is still real.
The tears still come.
My heart still aches.

8 years.

We were friends for a little over 8 years.

I miss her.