Fresh from the shower, towel still wrapped around me, I close the bedroom door and turn around.
The curtains sway in the gentle breeze coming through the window.
I take a deep breath.
It feels… familiar.
It has a warm, fresh scent to it.
I feel as if I have been in this moment before, but somewhere else.
I close my eyes, the memories zooming by in a whir.
For a moment, my body tenses up, then relaxes.
Something about the air.

I brush off the deja vu and start to get dressed.
Half way through, a bin containing makeup, jewelery, and other odds and ends tumbles to the floor.
I groan as I walk over to pick it up.

I start picking it all up, slowing down on some items.
I pause on a lotion.
It has a sweet citrus smell to it.
I put some on, inhaling deeply.

I continue putting things back in the bin.
I almost miss it.
The silver chain catches a ray of light, catching my eye.
I gently pick it up and turn the cheap heart over again and again in my hand.
My fingers trace the letters.
K i m

... “this way, we can always remember who we are. When we forget, its there on our wrist.” I say to Amy.
She laughs. “Or when we are at the bar and get too trashed to know our names?!”
I laugh too. “Yes, that too!”
Amy and I hold our bracelets up and smile.

“Kim you are so sweet” Laur says to me.
I smile and hug her.
“Sisters forever, Laur”
“Twins” she corrects me.
I smile and help her put on her bracelet…

They were silly gifts I had bought, but they were worth so much more.
I gently held the bracelet in my hand, then dropped it into the bin.

It was familiar and safe. Something I knew and could hold onto. I breathed in again deeply. Then placed the lid on the bin and placed it back in the closet.

Some things will always be familiar. A memory of what was. A reminder. A breath of fresh air.