I want to write. A lot
Of all I have been through.
My struggles.
My pain.
I want to put into words all that has happened in m life.
The things I remember anyway.
I want to share my memories.
The happy moments.
The dark moments.
It is those ones that scare me.
Those ones that linger
They leave behind an aftertaste of sadness and anger.
It terrifies me to share what is buried within.
But I want to.
I need to.
One day I will write a book.
It will be put into words on pages.
They will be my words.
But you will not know it.
People will know of the happy and sad.
The journeys.
That though thre are not always answers and fixes…
There may be hope.
Healing takes time.
You never forget.
But you move forward.
That is how the book will flow.