I am sorry I have been so terrible about posting.
I have been exhausted.


I wake up at 5:30 Monday through Friday.

I am in bed betweeen 9 and 10 almost every night. Including weekends.

I have also had a cold off and on for the last month.

i should probably get some blood work done. Maybe see if I have some sort of deficiancy.

In the meantine…


I miss being sort of in charge of a classroom.

I miss working with older kids.
By older, I mean kindergarten.

At the moment, I am working with toddlers. These are little toddlers, between the ages of 17 months and 22 months.

So yes, I miss working with older kids.
Getting to have conversations with them.
Really teachi9ng.
Giving lessons.
Getting to come up with creative ideas to teach things.

But it is ok.

These children are learning the way they SHOULD learn.
The way they DO learn.

Hands on activity.

They learn their numbers and letters by feeling them, holding them.

It is so awesome.

Sometimes it is hard to have to completely follow someone else;s lead.
I was taught and used to being in charge, having to make decisions.

Some days, I am thankful to just follow. Other days, my heart aches to do more, be more.

I love these kids though. They steal your heart so quickly.

I wake up not wanting to get out of bed. But once I am there with the kids, it is worth it.

It so is.