One moment.
In one moment my anxiety was practicaly in full gear.
One child was abusing another, and I had to take care of it
The parents were watching.
Other teachers were watching.
Nervous laughter escaped.

Shit! Don’t laugh!

I bit my lip to the point ofbleeding.
I struggled to pull a child out of a headlock.
Both parents were right there.
I was struggling.
In about a million different ways.

Shit. C’mon Kim. You are going to get complaints already. Parents will hate you. Fuck!

They couldn’t hear my thoughts. So that was good.

I managed to get the two kids away from eachother.

The parents didn’t say a word.

I was still terrified.

I remained terrified.

I needed to be reassured a few times.

But it was ok.

It still is scary.

But I still love it.

I may need some anti-anxiety meds though.