I walk around admiring the rooms.
I am so excited by the adventure ahead of me.

Soon, these rooms will be filled with little ones, beginning on their own adventures.
Soon, I will be assisting in molding their lives.

The thought was terrifying and exciting.

I have spent months looking for a job, and finally I found one.
Hopefully, it is the place where I belong.

A Montessori school. In the toddler room.

Little ones soon will be playing and learning here.

I smile at the thought.

I know it will be good.
I know it will be ok.

But it is scary starting somewhere new.
Scary starting somewhere that you have to hope that you will fit.

The other 7 staff members know eachother already.

They have been nice.

I know it will be ok.

Another new adventure is beginning.

Another chapter in my life.