We return home after an exciting Walmart trip. We, being The Mama, The Toddler, The Preschooler, and myself – Aunty. The trip was full of yelling, screaming and running. Mostly done by The Preschooler. There was also the throwing of things, taking of things, and crying about things. So, your average Walmart trip.

After getting The Toddler and Preschooler out of the car, The Mama goes and unlocks the front door. The Preschooler attempts to open the trunk, The Toddler (wearing his babydoll on his back) stands around staring down at his rainboots.

I help The Preschooler open the trunk. I hand him the first “preschooler safe” bag I find. I then find a “toddler safe” bag for The Toddler. I hand The Toddler his bag which holds a container of raisins. He holds it by one handle and continues to stand there. I tell him to bring it in the house.

The Mama comes back out and I head in with some groceries. I walk by The Preschooler who is sitting on the floor in the hall trying to open his new hotwheels car.

I go back out and The Mama goes in with more bags. The Toddler has made it half way up the walkway and is now squatting down next to the bag. He peers inside and smiles. He loves raisins.

The Mama and I switch places again. The Preschooler is still attempting to open his car.

And again, the Mama goes in and I go out. The Toddler has made it to the porch with his bag! I grab the gallons of water and head back to the house. The Toddler has made it into the house leaving behind the bag with the raisins and a boot. The Preschooler is missing.

After putting down the water, I look for him. He found the new toothpaste and has decided to brush his teeth. The cover is missing and there is a glob of toothpaste on the sink. I walk away.

I grab the last of the groceries, pick up The Toddlers stuff and head in the house. The Toddler gets the raisins from me. Preschooler has gone back to opening the cars, and I help the Mama put away the food.