While I have been sitting here telling you stories of events from months ago,
things have been happening!
Crazy, huh?
I know!
Exciting times people.
I will be working with toddlers at a Montessori school 🙂
I am so excited!
I went in to sub on Friday. It was so fun! The kids were so cute.
So, I will be staying with my sister until I save up enough money to get an apartment on my own.
Other things that have been happening?
Logan is talking more.
He said Aunty a few times. He says “No” all the time. You can understand some of what he is telling you, so fun!
Connor is now asking “Why?”
He also tells stories saying I said, he said, and she said.
He is becoming such a big kid now.
So crazy.
So now that I will be living here, I have to find a doctor here and such.
Not sure how I feel about starting over yet again. But it seems to be a pattern in my life.
So, that is my life for now. I just wanted to share the NEW NEWS!
Ahem, also?
Logan just hit his face into my computer. I laughed. I am mean. He is trying to help me type. So that is all for now!