I became comfortable there fairly quickly.
The routine was easy, but rough when starting new medicines.

If you have never started a new medicine, it goes a little like this.
Take the medicine.
Twenty minutes later, feel exhausted for the rest of the day.
Depending on what it is you are taking, it may last a few days.

The schedule went a little something like this.

Wake up at around 7 something, get dressed if you felt like it.
Get your vitals checked.
Get coffee.
Go eat breakfast.
Go back to the wing, refill coffee.
Get dressed if you haven’t yet.
Sit around watching tv while waiting to see the doctor.
Finally see the Doctor.
Take medicine.
Get more coffee.
Do morning exercises.
Sit and wait for morning class to begin.
Morning classes.
Eat lunch.
Chill out for a few.
Afternoon classes.
Complain about hunger until dinner.
Go eat dinner.
Hang out.
Have closing meeting.
Watch tv, play games etc until bed at 11.

You may think bed? At 11?
Trust me. You are SO ready by then.

It really wasn’t bad there.
It was stable.
Always someone there to talk to.

People came and went while I was there. That was hard.
I met some amazing people.
They were strong.
Yes, breakdowns may occur, that doesn’t make you weak.
It makes you human.

It is still a daily lesson for me.
But I try to remember that.

Some of these people were dealing with so much.
I am so glad I met them.

They saw the good in me when I couldn’t.
I didn’t know it was possible.

I will never forget them.