Each of us sat there, all so different.
Yet similar.
We were there, together.
We glanced at one another.
Each of us harboring secrets, pain, sadness that we one day hoped to let go of.
But to let go, you have to share.
We each knew we were only sharing bits and pieces of ourselves.
Keeping the most intimate details to ourselves.
Still, we connected, we understood.
We accepted what we told each other as the truth,
and asked nothing more.
We each understood the dark place.
That place where we lingered a little too long.
The place that brought us to that point.
To where we were at that moment.
Sitting in a circle.
Fearing that we would have to talk next.
Hoping that if we were quiet, we could fade into the background.
Yet longing for the chance and strength to share.
To tell it all.

Some days, you made it through group without having to say a word.
yet you still need the time to reflect.
So you walk around the wing by yourself.
You wander into your room,
then realize you need to escape.
You cant breathe.
You feel trapped
So you go outside to the tiny closed in sanctuary of freedom.
You get a cigarette from someone.
Sitting on the bench in the rain, you watch the smoke surround you and then disappear.
You realize you still wish you could disappear.
You fear you will never get out.
Of any of this mess.
You want to cry, but there are no tears.
You look to the right of you.
You see a comforting shoulder there,
so you rest your head.
Arms wrap around you.
Embraced in a hug.
No questions asked.
It is understood.
Because when you are here,
you connect in a way different from all others.
You are understood.
You don’t need to say a word.