I read the text again, not out of shock or disbelief.
I was more sad, disappointed, frustrated, and overall broken-hearted.

She is in jail; I need help getting her out.

She is one of my good friends.
Someone who has been there for me.
Someone I have only been friends with for 9 months, but someone I have connected with through our sadness, our brokenness.

She is also someone I have rescued numerous times.

I have helped her stay out of jail once already.

I have gotten her out of rough situations, yet she always seems to throw herself right back in.

I have done all I can for her. I am empty. Empty of cash, and drained of emotion with her.

She is important to me.

But I can’t keep rescuing her.

How can I rescue her when I am still working on rescuing myself?

I have tried it numerous times.

But I always failed in helping myself.

I want to help her.

But I can’t.

Why is she in jail? I ask

He told the cops she stole his car.

Lies. He is full of Lies.

He doesn’t want her, but he won’t let her go.

Neither will she.

It’s exhausting.


I am sorry. I am broke. I have nothing I can give.

I close my eyes, lean my head back against the couch.



At a loss.


I am not a superhero.

I can’t even save myself.

I can’t always come to the rescue.

I wish I could though.

I so do.