I have spent the last month and a half at my sister’s  house in Mississippi. It has been fun and full of new experiences.

You see, she owns two goats.


    Nigerian Dwarf goats, Hazel and Willow. They are babies.

They love to be snuggled and loved. Hazel will jump in your lap, eat your hair, nuzzle you. She is such a sweetheart. Willow just follows Hazel’s lead. We take them for walks with the dogs. They go on leashes. Hazel likes to go for rides in the wagon on occasion.

My sister also has chickens.


They are so cute. They are super funny! Any time you walk out the door they come running to greet you to see if you have food for them. Georgia (one of the reds) practically jumped in my lap to try and steal my sandwich one day!

I collect the eggs sometimes. I never thought I would be collecting chicken eggs or playing with goats. I never thought I would take a goat for a walk.

We have also had stray dogs come and go. Though my sister has kept one. She is a brat, but a cute brat.

As the days go by, my nephews get bigger. They learn more. They are becoming little boys and no longer babies. Connor is 3 ½ now, Logan will be 1 ½ in a few days. I love them with all of my heart.