Dear Tired Little One,
      I see you sitting there picking your lips, your indication that you are tired. When I inform you that I will change your diaper and put you in bed, there is no room for discussion. Whining no at me will not make me change my mind, but assures me it is the right choice. Crying and kicking me will not deter me from the task. So stop, please stop.
      Small one, despite your best efforts I have carried you into the bedroom and tucked you in. If you would stop fighting it and just go to sleep, everyone would be happy. Really. Of course I will snuggle you. I am only singing Twinkle Twinkle twice. Please stop asking. Tickling me? Why? Why are you tickling me when you should be sleeping? Whispering “Hey, hey aunty. I want an apple” in my ear repeatedly will not work. You just had lunch which you only ate half of. Though you insisted it was what you wanted.
      Lay down. Two simple words. Please lay down. It does not involve shoving stuffed animals in my face. Nor does it involve pulling the large frog pillow out from under my head because you want it. Stop whispering “hey” at me. Close your eyes, sleep. Why are you kicking me? That is not nice. I am really tired of telling you to lie down. Ugh. Where are you going? Get back up here, this is not hide and seek. Sleep child! Just take a nap!
      Oh sleepy one, you have finally settled down. Your head nestled into the frog, the blanket wrapped around you. Your blonde hair falling gently over your eyes. How sweet and precious you are. I love you very much. You gave me many kisses before you fell asleep. “I love you, Aunty” you whispered to me. “I love you too, babe” I whispered back. I kissed you on the forehead. Now, you are fast asleep, snuggled into me. I kiss you again and slowly slip off the bed and out of the room. See you in a couple of hours.

   Love always and forever,