I glance around me and take in the disaster that just a little bit ago was a cdElean kitchen.
“Oh my gosh, girlies. We have some major cleaning to do.”
“But I didn’t throw the flour!” Emmy exclaims
“I didn’t either!” joJo chimes in
“Those are both lies. You BOTH threw the flour in the air. I warned you not to because we would have to clean it but did you listen?”
“Well, Jojo put flour down my underwear!” Emmy says giggling.

Maybe I should back up a little. I wasn’t babysitting Emmy and JoJo today, but we were hanging out. I decided to make today a super fun day. This super fun day incolced making play dough! I know some of you just shuddered.

It started out well. I measured and poured the water and oil

Then I made a mistake, a huge mistake.

I allowed them to measure the dry ingredients.

I was hoping that at the ages of 6 and 7 this could be done fairly simply.

Boy was I ever wrong.

They wanted to try every ingredient, which resulted in them spitting out every ingredient.

Pretty gross, considering they spit them out on the counter.

The flour was the craziest part of all.

They were literally throwing handfuls of flour in the air, their hair, in eachothers faces, and at me.

“Guys! Stop throwing the flour! I am serious!” I exclaimed, trying to suppress my giggles.

The both looked like they had a serious case of dandruff  going on.

There was flour in their eyelashes, on the tips of their noses, everywhere!

I couldn’t help but giggle. This caused a total eruption of giggles.

“Mommy! Come see the big mess we made! JoJo yells upstairs.

“No, Jo! No, No, no! This is an awful mess!”

Their mom came down after much prodding from the girls.

“Oh my gosh! You guys really did make a big mess!”

People, I babysit for the best family ever.

Their mom was not mad at all, and while I told her many times that we would clean up every inch, she told us to go outside and she cleaned up.

While we were outside, the girls put the color into their play dough with kool-aid mix.

Then they proceeded to run under the sprinkler.

Ummm, this caused a paste in their hair! Hahaha! It was so funny. Thank goodness for baths!