She clutches a single sheet of paper in her hands.
Holding it close to her chest,
Her chest bursting with many mixed emotions.
The paper represents so many things
And goodbyes.
It was all she had worked for.
Yet not all that she wanted.
It was all that she hoped for.
Yet not all that she needed.
She wasn’t ready for the next step.
Was she?
To move forward?
Accept the past for what it was,
Knowing that it has formed her future.
After all of the struggles, here she was
Standing on the walkway
Gazing at the buildings before her.
The flowers planted around.
The stairs she hated for being so small and low in such great amounts.
The smell of the bakery filling the air.
She could always return, if she wanted to.
But it would no longer be hers.
The single sheet of paper with the seal of the school said it all.
It was the dividing line.
Well done, it said
Now you can move on.
Was she ready?