There are three basic groups of kids: good kids, bad kids, and good kids who don’t get caught.
I was in the latter group.
I got away with a lot and did not get caught.
if I did, I could usually get out of it one way or another.

When I was 14, one of my neighbors caught my friend and I smoking cigarettes. So before our neighbor told, I told my mom and told her how sorry I was and that I would never do it again. (I smoked for about a year after that without my mother’s knowledge)

In high school, I hated my principal. I was so angry at her that I would flat out ignore her when she talked to me. I got a sort of “lecture” about it, but did not get in trouble.

I was also really good at arguing my way out of predicaments. I could defend any of my acts easily.

I am not sure if that is a good thing or not, but those few times I did get caught, it worked.

I considered being a lawyer, but realized it would be way too much school, and I would probably end up defending people I had no desire to defend.

Besides, working with children is my favorite.

I think that is another reason that being a school counselor will be a good career choice for me.
Children don’t know the right words yet. They need someone to advocate for them. They need someone to help them get the best education, to give them second chances, to help them in all ways possible.

In some school, somewhere, someday, I will be that person.
I will be damn good at it too.

I am proud of my arguing skills.

I know that will come back and bite me in the ass when I have kids of my own.