On the 19th, I turned 24! I am older, though I cannot yet say I am any wiser. I think that comes later. I am 6 months post-breakdown, and I am ready to start blogging again. 

A lot has happened in the last 6 months. I graduated with my degree in education but not my teaching license. My degree is being held because I owe the school $4,000. I have been bouncing from place to place hoping that a job and apartment will open up for me. I have had many interesting experiences. I have grown. I knew life would be tough after college, but I had no idea it wuld be this tough.

All of this aside though, I had a good birthday. In fact it was pretty amazing. I hung out with a few really great friends. We hung out, went out for lunch. Lazily lounged in the sun at the park. We walked on the walking bridge, went into cool shops. Then we played on these stairs that have water going down them. Its not a tiny trickle or a slight mist. No. There is water pouring down these stairs. It was pretty awesome. Then I had the best birthday cake. It was legend… wait for it… dary. My friend made it. Chocolate cake, pink frosting between layers, white frosting on top, AND A UNICORN! It had nerds on it and m&ms


Isn’t it epic?

I thought so.

That was my birthday, simple yet so fun.
Things will get more exciting people. I’m sure of it.

OH I forgot to tell you one important thing.

I wore a tiara the whole day!
I know
You’re jealous.
Please contain the jealousy.