I am at that point,
the one where I question my life.
It’s value, its purpose.
Who am I supposed to be?
Where am I supposed to go?
My plans didn’t work out.
So what’s next?
I feel so lost.
The thunder rolled by today.
I heard it.
I felt its shake.
its strength.
I watched the sky light up in bright shades of purple today.
Illuminating the sky.
Reminding us of its greatness.
We are so small.
Who are we to question anything?
How are we to find our identity when the world is so big?
I can tell you my name, age, height, weight, and where I was born.
I cannot tell you something I am proud of that I have done in my life.
I cannot tell you good qualities I possess.
I cannot tell you where home is right now.
My life is scattered.
Different pieces in different places.
I cannot collect them to make one whole person.
I feel alone and lost in this one giant world.
I look for a hand to hold.
I find one, then it slips away.
and again,
I am alone.
Dare to dream they say.
But dreams don’t come true.
They are filled with lies and deception.
So where am I left?
Bouncing from one place to another.
Holding one hand after another.
Looking for hope, dreams, a place to call my own.
A place in this world.