Baby steps.

It is how we start.

Our feet barely moving.

And still, we fall down.

We decide that is not working for us.

That is not enough.

So we take bigger steps.

We gain a little distance.

It seems easier.

But still, it is not enough.

We still fall down.

So we figure, if we are going to fall down anyways? We might as well start running.

We leave the baby steps behind.

We move forward in fast, reckless motion.

Tripping over our own feet, falling face first.

It is how we learn.

Except we don’t.

We repeatedly make the same mistake, hoping for a different outcome.

So we move faster.

Taking even bigger steps.

Covering more ground.

And still, we stumble and fall.

We look back.

We realize what we have passed in the process.

The things we missed in between.

There is so much to accomplish, so much to go back and do.

But we don’t know how.

We have learned this fast pace.

We have learned to move quickly.

So we continue to fall.

If only we had learned.

If only we knew.

Go back.

Start again.

Move slower.

Take smaller steps.

Baby steps.