People, I have been an emotional mess for the past two days.

It sucks.

I cry.

Then can not stop crying.

Crying becomes the only thing I can do.

I am not really a fan of crying, especially in front of people.

But hey.

That is what I did today.

It was a little ridiculous.

I felt beyond stupid.

That’s what it is to be a girl sometimes.

To cry for reasons beyond your knowledge.

To go through 5 different emotions in 10 minutes.

Its expected… some of the time.

For me?

It happens more often.

I am learning to accept it.

Sort of.

I figure if I accept it… eventually I will have some control over it.

Something tells me this is not right.


Wishful thinking?


Some days I want to scream at people

Don’t you get me yet? Don’t you understand! This is me. I am a mess of emotions. I am a mess.  How have you not figured that out yet!

But, instead I stay silent.

I just wish that someone would understand me a little.

To feel like no one will ever understand you, sucks.

Some days I wonder if I will ever get married.

If a guy will ever stick around long enough to try to figure me out.

I am a puzzle piece that doesn’t quite fit.

Will he understand that?

Will he accept that?

I hope.

Until then.

I am still trying to figure me out.