I am not one to embrace change.

It is hard for me.

I like sticking to what I know.

It is easier.

More comfortable.


Some changes happen at the same time every year.


The leaves change.

They turn to vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange, and green.

They remind us, more change is soon to come.

The air is more crisp.

We start to wear long sleeves.

The days are a little shorter.

We breathe in signs of change.

Pumpkins and apples.

It is all expected change.

Change we have come to recognize and accept.

Some change is harder to accept.

Harder to embrace.

Some change, we don’t want to see.

We turn away from it.

Pretending it does not exist.

It is easier that way.

We are human.

We like the familiar.

We like feeling comfortable.

We like to know what is happening.

Accepting change means we are accepting the things we have little control over.

Accepting change means we are comfortable with not knowing what comes next.

Change is a part of life.

Change is inevitable.

We can choose how we react.

We can choose our outlook.

We can choose to hide from it.

Or learn to accept it.

Somedays, it’s easier to hide.