Oh no.

I start to wake up

Oh my gosh, I do not feel good. Quick, quick, get out of bed.  Wake up enough to roll off the top bunk and get in the bathroom NOW!

Quickly I throw myself off the top bunk and run into the bathroom.

I shove my face in the toilet, and it begins.

A half hour later, I emerge.

I crawl back up into bed.

Maybe that is the only time it will happen.  Maybe I am not sick.

A half hour later, the feeling returns.

Ugh not again!

I throw myself down off the bunk again and again shove my face in the toilet.

Another half hour later I am crawling back into bed.

I really don’t want to be sick.  Maybe I will better by morning.

I look at the clock 3:30.

Not even a half hour later I am out of bed again.

Any food from my stomach is now gone.

I feel like I can’t breathe I am heaving so much.

Even with nothing left in my stomach I cannot stop vomiting

I am miserable.

I no longer crawl back up in bed.

Instead I throw my blanket and pillows on the floor and try to curl up and sleep.

Sleep doesn’t come.

Instead, I literally crawl into the bathroom.

No strength left.

I no longer have any clue as to what time it is.

Probably around 5:30

I am laying half in and half out of the bathroom.

I hit my hand against my roommates mattress and say her name

She is able to sleep through anything.

I get her up and get her to call someone.

It is decided, I am going to the hospital.

My roommate packs up my bag for me with my insurance cards and such, while I muster up the strength to change my pants and underwear.

I took me a half an hour to finally stand up.

I have to walk down three flights of stairs.

So hard.

My body is so weak.

My roommate holds my arm so I don’t fall.

20 minutes later, I am at the hospital, still vomiting.

All I know is after I checked in, I went into the lobby and fell asleep on the chairs.

They came and got me.

I got into a gown and into bed.

They poked me several times to try to get an IV in. My veins were collapsed.

For the next five hours, nurses came in and out checking my vitals and changing the IV fluids.

I was scared by myself. But too tired and weak to care.

I slept.

Finally around noon, I was released.  I went back to school.  Crawled up in my bed and slept almost all day.

Today, I am feeling much better!