There is fear.

It lives inside of us.

Fears we won’t admit.

Fears we refuse to accept.

Fears we never want to face.

So we tuck them away, in a secret place.

In the corner of our minds.

A place we hate to visit.

But sometimes, something triggers them.

Making it hard to breathe.

Hard to focus.

Hard to tuck them away again.

They become existent to us.

Tiny bits at a time.

Until slowly,

They consume our thoughts.

Consume our daily lives.

It becomes harder to complete day-to-day tasks.

The constant reminder is there.


We do our best to tuck it away again.

Try to make it disappear.

To forget about it.

It is not easy.

But somehow, we do it.

We tuck it away in the corner.

Until the fear makes itself known again.

Because we are human.

Rather than facing our fears.

We hide from them.

Tell ourselves that those fears are not real.

They are not legitimate.

We are stronger.

We don’t surrender

We are brave.

Fear not.

But we are human.

We have fears.

They are acceptable.

To live with no fears?

Is stupidity.