One time, (last week)

I went out for Mexican food with my friend.

She kidnapped me.

I was glad to be kidnapped.

Sometimes we all need that.


We went for Mexican food.

Oh, I should tell you, her boyfriend’s family owns the restaurant, and her boyfriend was working behind the bar.

So almost immediately I was brought a frozen margarita!

It was fantastic!

We stared at the menu a bit, talked, I drank.

Then we ordered.

We waited for our food and went through a bowl of chips.

That is always enjoyable.

After a little bit of conversation and watching the four tv’s, our food arrived.

It was awesome.

No joke.

Then we really wanted to watch two and a half men.

So, my roommate opens her computer and puts the show on.

So now, I have downed a frozen margarita, I am in a Mexican restaurant, there are four tv’s on, and a computer playing Two and a Half men.

It was great.

But people?

It gets better.

I finished one margarita and suddenly, another was brought to me!

I was slightly concerned about this, but drank anyways.

Of course I drank.

I only had to go back to the dorm, write a reflection, and lesson plans…

No big deal

I was about a quarter of the way through my drink when my friend decided we should probably go so she could study.

My drink was suddenly brought to me in a to go cup!

No joke.

People? I went back to my dorm with a frozen margarita in a to go cup.

It was so fun.

If you knew my university, you would understand.

Also? It is rather humorous to write lesson plans with margaritas.

Much giggling is involved.