Sorry it has been a couple of days.  Things have been interesting.

Last night, some friends and I went out to eat at Moe’s

I like Moe’s; I think they have some good burritos.


Five of us were out to eat.

The other four used to hang out all the time.  Great stories were told of past experiences.

They are a funny group.

So this one guy was telling about how one time someone had put salt and pepper in his water.

So last night he got revenge.

Joe walked away to get more food.

So Alex put salt in Joe’s water.

Rob starts telling a story about putting stuff in people’s water, Joe comes back.

I quickly throw in a story about how one time we had to taste really weird liquids..  We made the conversation normal.  Nothing suspicious.

We all take turns glancing at Joe, waiting for him to drink his water. He doesn’t for a while, then he finally does.

Nothing happens.

He says nothing.

We all just look at each other.

He continues eating, and drinks some more.


Oh my gosh, when is he going to notice? Did Alex not put in enough salt? I’m sure he did!

Finally, Joe takes one last drink, his water is gone.

“Did someone put salt in my water?”

He asks smiling.

We all laugh.


“I thought it tasted a little funny, but I figured maybe it was the food.  Then I just figured that water never tasted very good. But then, I knew.”

We laugh some more.

The little things that keep us amused in life.

They are important.