I am a fighter. 
I know I am.
Others do too.
Sometimes, I tell people I just want to go curl up in a hole for a little while.
They tell me I can’t.
Tell me to be the fighter they know I am.
I love that I am a fighter.
Even if it gets me in trouble sometimes.
I feel as if I have spent most of my life fighting for something.
It is exhausting.
But I continue.
I tell people I am just stubborn.
Too stubborn to know when to give up.
They say I am tenacious.
I think they are just being nice.
But I guess I am rather tenacious.
I stick to what I believe. 
I don’t let people tell me otherwise.
I stand up for the things I believe in.
I fight when necessary.
Sometimes, this fight causes me to say things I shouldn’t.
My mouth and I, sometimes we are not sure when to stop.
It can be a messy road.
But it’s ok.
Most of the time?
It is good.
It takes me far.
I have accomplished a lot.
I am proud of that.
I am proud of the tenacious, stubborn, fighter I am.
Sometimes, I do accept defeat.
I give up, give in.
Some battles are too hard to fight.
The ones I fight with myself?
They are the most exhausting.
But the fights against the world,
proving things to people.
I fight those as long as I can.
I am a fighter.
I can’t win every battle.
Some I don’t want to fight.
But I try anyways.