So, I took a shower today.

Yes this is a daily occurrence.

But today’s was more interesting.

Things were going well, besides getting a little soap in my eye.

It was a normal shower.

I had to shave my legs though.

Let me pause here to explain something first.

Our showers are stalls.

They are tiny.

You will bang your elbow at least once during your shower. 

You will unintentionally change the water on yourself with said elbow. 

Every shower.

Without fail.

So imagine the task one has when shaving in this small cubicle.

I have successfully accomplished this task for the past four years.

I consider myself an expert.

So today?

Was interesting.

As I said, all was normal.

I started shaving my legs.

Had music playing.

Singing along.

I hear a knock on the door.

Except we share our bathroom with another suite.

So there are two doors that go into the bathroom.

I stop and look around.

Hear nothing but music and water, so I go back to shaving.

There is another knock.

I start turning a little.

Suddenly in one motion

I slip!

I hold the razor as far away as possible as to not cut myself.

And Thud! I hit the floor of the shower.

Pain shoots through my ass and my back.

I can’t move.

I look up at the water pouring out of the shower head

I laugh.

I laugh, laugh, and laugh.

Until I cry.

I can’t breathe.

So much pain.

So funny.

Finally, I am able to stand again.

So much pain. I laugh again.

That is what I do.

I finish shaving, rinse off and turn off the shower.

I grab my towel and wrap it around myself.

In the process, I managed to turn the water back on.

My towel is now semi drenched.

I laugh some more.

As I said.

Interesting shower.