There are strangers.

Every day, we pass strangers.

Ignoring one another; passing by without a glance.

No acknowledgement. No recognition.

Sometimes, these strangers are acknowledged though. 

Eye contact is made, a friendly gesture, a comment filling the silence. 

Sometimes these strangers become acquaintances.

Someone you casually greet in passing.

Small conversation may occur.

A smile may be shared.

Nothing more.

Sometimes, more than easy conversation occurs though.

You reach out to one another.

Call each other.

Have more than the occasional conversation.

This person becomes your friend.

Someone you can talk to without so much small talk.

Someone you hang out with.

Someone you laugh with.

Sometimes it runs deeper than that.

Secrets are shared.

Tears are shed.

Shoulders to lean on are offered.

All night talks are normal.

You and this person that was once stranger have now become close friends.

Someone you can talk to, rely on, and call in the middle of the night.

Someone with whom memories are made, things are easy. Comfortable.

Sometimes you meet someone.

There is an instant connection.

The friendship builds fast.

Before you know it, you are inseparable.

When you are not together you miss them.

Everything is so easy with them.

You know each other completely without having to say the words.

No topic is off-limits.

Nothing is held back.

This person is more than a close friend.

They are a soul mate.

Not the married kind of soul mate.

But a person you were supposed to meet.

A person you feel you have know your whole life.

Someone you turn to with everything.

They do the same.

You can be apart for a while, and pick things up like no time has gone by.

You take care of one another, no matter the circumstances.

You ask the questions no one else can, or will.

Angry words are spilled.

Messes are easy to clean up.

You have a friendship that does not always need words.

Silence is acceptable.

It’s understood.

Everything is easy.

You were meant to be.

Soul mates.