Things happen for a reason.
Someone crosses your path for a reason.
Someone stays a little longer at school for a reason.
You call someone at a certain time for a reason.
I believe this.
I believe you read something at the right time.
You hear from someone when you need it most.
Someone hugs you when it matters most.
This past week I have seen a lot of that.
Experienced a lot of that.
I don’t think I would have made it through to today if it wasn’t for these random happenings.
Sometimes it is hard for me to accept these things.
I think it is silly.
But it is the truth.
I am learning.
Coincidences are awesome.
They give us hope.
Push us forward to another day.
Help us to smile when things are dark.
It is the dose of reality that brings us back from our minds.
We believe it happened for a reason. 
Even if it is coincidence.
It was meant for us.
It is nice to believe that.
It is nice to hope.
It is nice to think that maybe, just maybe, someone is on our side.