When will I learn to keep my mouth shut.
Today, again, I said things I shouldn’t have.
So annoying.
Every fiber of my being says don’t say these things, shut up!
Instead I say them.
I know it will come back and bite me in the ass.
This is why I don’t trust people.
I know things can’t be trusted with others.
They share what isn’t theirs.
They tell what should be held confidential.
Just like I know my supervisor will.
I said things about myself and the education department that I should have kept to myself.
I was crying some and venting, and frustrated.
Apparently with a splash of stupid thrown in there.
I need to send an email recommending things I said stay between us… if it is not too late.
If not? I am probably screwed.
Please let me graduate.

Today was a ranting day.  That is all I currently want to rant about.