We sit and talk as we wait for Ms. T, our 8th grade language arts teacher, to tell us what we are doing next. 

All of us talking about nothing in particular, just the everyday drama of middle school.

Suddenly the classroom door flies open and Ms. N comes rushing in.

“A plane just crashed into one of the twin towers!”

“What?!” Words of anger and disbelief escape our mouths.

“I was in the office when we heard the news-“she is interrupted by the principals voice coming over the loud speaker.

He briefly says what Ms. N had said, then tells the teachers they can turn on the news in the classrooms.

Ms. T walks over to the TV and turns it on.

We stare in disbelief at what we see.

Three hours away from us, planes were hijacked. They were crashed into the twin towers.

Three hours away from us, people were screaming, afraid for their lives.

Three hours away from us, many people lost their lives.

We watch in silence.

I look around, seeing classmates, friends crying.

I put a hand on my cheek and realize it is wet.

I have been shedding my own tears as well.

We silently watch for a bit, in shock at what we see.

After a while, after we have seen the second plane crash, after we watched what is happening three hours away from us, Ms. T. turn off the TV.

We all look around at one another.

We are wearing the same faces of fear, disbelief, anger, and sadness.

“Ok”, Ms. T. says, in a very quiet voice. “I know what we just watched was very upsetting. I want each of you to pull out your writing journals and write about how you are feeling.”

Without argument, groans, or hesitation, we do.

I stare at my blank page.

I try to formulate words.

The only word I can think of is why?

Why would anyone do that?

How could anyone be so cruel?

Innocent men, women and children have lost their lives.

I know I am crying again.

The tear drops fall on my paper leaving splotches.

All I can write is I don’t understand why anyone would do that. Why?

I write a few more sentences, they all say the same thing though.