We lay on our backs on the blanket in the grass.
The sun is hot, the shade brings some relief.
The sky is a perfect shade of blue.
The clouds drift by, white and fluffy the way they should be.
Birds chirp, squirrels chatter, and our friends 6 week old piglet lets out an occasional squeal.
Yes, it was a peaceful afternoon with friends, and the piglet of course.

“Oh look! That cloud looks like a weird duck.” I point to the odd shape in the sky.
“I think it looks like a hippo.” Sarah says laughing, she points to a tiny one. “That looks like a little fish.”

A minute or two goes by, the clouds shift. 
We watch in silence as their form changes into something new for our imaginations to dream up.

I burst out laughing.

“That one looks like a car with something angry sitting on top! See! Its mouth is open.  It is yelling!” I can’t stop laughing.

Sarah looks at it hard. “What? I don’t see it Kim.”

I point “See right there? That is its mouth; it is leaning over and yelling from the roof of the car.”

Sarah looks again. “Oh ok! I see, it looks like a parrot.”

“Yes! It is so funny looking” I giggle

“Now it is beginning to look like the head of a hammerhead shark.” Sarah traces the outline of it in the air.

“Huh, I guess it does”

We are quiet for a couple of minutes. Lying with our eyes closed.
Her older sister and her sister’s friend are quietly talking on their blanket next to us.
The little piglet resting near them.
I open my eyes and glance at the clouds again.

“Hey look! A turtle!” I point at the sky.

Sarah, her sister, and her sisters friend all start looking around us, then look at me. They laugh, they realize I am pointing up.

I laugh too. “In the sky guys! The turtle is in the sky!”

“That  turtle has a long neck. Reminds me of a dinosaur.” Sarah says.

I look at it again. “Maybe it is a long neck from Land Before Time.”

“Maybe” Sarah giggles.

We lay on the blanket in the grass quietly watching the clouds reshape themselves. 
Drifting along peacefully.
Always becoming something new.