How can you betray us this way?
How can you allow this back into our lives?
Why are you making excuses for him?
There is no excuse.
After all we have been through, how are you deeming this acceptable? 
How are you so easily forgiving of this?
Did you forget?
Did you forget the past?
We didn’t.
We were young.
But we were left with scars.
You don’t see them?
They are there.
How do you expect us to just welcome this into our lives.
How could you keep this secret for so long.
How could you mislead us like that?
You are supposed to protect us.
Keep us from harm.
Yet you have brought harm back to us.
Trust you?
You are disloyal.
You have betrayed us.
You didn’t think about us.
You only thought about yourself.
You come first.
You always come first.
Don’t you remember the anger back then?
Don’t you remember how we were hurt?
Now you find excuses for someone else.
I don’t understand.