Sorry about the lack of posting.
I suck.
Also, I may need to rethink the timing of my blog.
Blogging at 11 pm is not school friendly.


I have a problem.
I laugh at my students.
They are funny.
They don’t know they are funny, but they are.
They say things and give answers that just flat out make me laugh.
I spit out water because of one child’s answer.
Something about the two people in the picture not being people?
They were actually people.
I spit out the water I was currently drinking.
I made a mess.
These kids are crazy.
I don’t want to laugh because I don’t want to cause the students to start laughing at one another.
I just love humor.
Laughing at something someone has said whether it be in a nice way or teasing way is how I grew up.
Sarcastic remarks?
How I grew up.
This is a serious problem in a classroom.
Especially with kindergarteners.
I usually have to pretend I am laughing at something else.
Not always easy.
Today I pretended that I was laughing because I had hair in my mouth while trying to drink water.
That is usually not funny. But hey.
Anyways. If you have any suggestions on how I may stop laughing at my students? They would be greatly appreciated.
Until then, I will be laughing at the children.
I am a bitch I know.