“I’m going to check out the flood.” Rob says as he grabs his keys off the counter.
“I’m coming!” I jump up and grab my phone.
“Wait, what?” Lauren comes into the living room.  “Are we going for a drive?”
“Yup, you coming?” Rob asks as he heads to the door.
Lauren and I grab what we need and head out the door.
We are both still in pajamas.
I am wearing comfy shorts and a big hoodie.
Lauren was also wearing comfy shorts and a zip up sweater.
We look at each other and laugh.
“Oh well, we are just going in the car.” I say to Lauren as we walk down the stairs.
We run through the entry way of the apartment building as to not get soaked by the waterfall.
We jump in the car and take off.
Not much flooding had yet happened in the area.
“Want to go to Old Navy since we are already out?” Lauren asks.
“Sure, why not!”
We are in our pajamas, who cares.
We do some shopping there for a bit, not a lot of luck though.
“You guys want to drop me off at the mall?” I ask.
“Are you sure? You are still in pajamas.”
I look down at my appearance, “Yea! Who cares!.”
They drop me off and I quickly jump out.
I walk into the mall proudly.
They are awesome.