Hello all.  I had no clue what to write today.  Som i wrote random.  Enjoy.

I just wrote a whole page of stuff, and then changed my mind.
I can’t write when I am hungry. I need to go search for edibleness.

So, you know those times when you eat something and don’t fully realize you don’t like it until you have almost finished it? I did that with pretzels and hummus.  I couldn’t decide how I felt about it.  So I just kept eating it.  I nearly finished it and then decided it was gross.  I am weird I know.

I wonder what I can wear tomorrow.  Last Friday it seemed as if there was a dress down kind of day for teachers.  I would like to partake in this dress down occasion, but I am wondering if you must have the school shirt to do so. 

Tomorrow is Friday.  I keep forgetting what day of the week it is.  You would think I would remember since I am in school now, but not so much.  Silly.

I talk to myself far too much.  I was walking around the little grocery store across the street talking to myself.  Completely.  People stared.  Screw them.  Talking to yourself is easier sometimes.  At least I get to sort my thoughts out. Sort of.

Earlier I was listening to this song called dead hearts.  At the same time that I was listening to it, the power started flickering and then went out, and then flickered some more.  So fucking creepy! I know it was just a weird coincidence.  But still.  So weird. I stopped playing the song and went on to something else. 

Today it rained for about 10 minutes.  We all cheered! We haven’t had rain in like 2 months.  Insane.  Allergies have been suckish.  10 minutes of rain may be small, but it was still momentarily exciting.

Today, I also tripped over things several times in the classroom.  It was a clumsy day.  I laughed, the students did too. 

I am cold.  I wish I had a sweatshirt.  It is hot outside, but freezing in here.  I could adjust the air but that would involve getting up.  I could reach next to me and open the bin for a sweatshirt, but there is stuff on top of the bin.  I am obviously lazy at the moment. 

Well that seems like enough random thoughts for now.  I am tired.