Sorry people, yesterday was super busy.  Between student teaching all day, then moving into the dorm last night… busy, and tiring.

Yes, I am living in the dorm.  The land of the freshmen.  Sigh. Some things, I just can’t control.

Story time!

Last night, I arrive at the dorm and immediately dread the long walk from the van to the dorm.  I also know I will have to trek up three flights of stairs.

I look to my three helpers.  Two of them are under the age of 7.  The other will be able to help, but she is small.

I look at my stuff piled up in the back.

This is going to suck.

It took us a few trips to get all of my stuff into the lobby, but we did it. 

I get all checked in.

I decide to bring a couple of things up to the room really quick just so they are not sitting in the lobby.

I climb up the three flights of stairs and look for my room.

Ok, which way do I go? This looks like it would be the right hall.

I start reading numbers on the doors.

Crap, I still have a little ways to go. Oh, well that was not the right turn that is a window. Ok, let’s see, here it is.
It sounds like there are people in there.  Should I knock? Should I just put in my card and open it? Awkward situations.

I lightly tap and open the door.

I survey the room.  There are two girls in there, and both sides of the room are taken…


“Hi… I am Kim.”


Well that’s useful conversation.

“I am your roommate?” I say with a question.

“Oh, um, Amanda is not in here, but I am living here temporarily, so…”

“Oh, Ok….”

This is so fucking awkward, what the fuck! Get out of my fucking room!

“Well.” I start. “I will go down to the office to see what to do.” I say

“Ok.” And she shuts the fucking door in my face.

What the fuck you stupid bitch!

I walk back down the three flights of stairs completely pissed.

I have to explain the story three times before anyone can do anything.

By this time I have been at the dorm for an hour.

I am so beyond annoyed that all I can do is laugh.

“Ok, so can you help me?” I ask for the millionth time.

“Yes, Kimmy.  We will get this taken care of.” The head dean says slightly distracted.

An RA comes.

“Hi, I will help you move your stuff up and move things along.”

“Oh, ok! Well thanks!”

Finally! Someone useful!

We each grab some of my crap and make our way upstairs.

I am expecting the worst.

I am expecting a battle.

A battle of words, which of course I would win with my wordy wisdomous self.

We get to the room and open the door.

The only person in there is my roommate; everything else has been cleared out.

What the fuck?

The other girl apparently moved out in a hurry. After shutting the door in my face.

Stupid freshmen.