The sun has set.
The light of the day is fading.
I walk along the familiar path with my senses heightened.
At night, there is no light here.
At night, the woods are alive.
At night, everything is more real.

I am emotionally not in a good place at the moment.
So I take a risk.
I walk.
A creek on one side of me
Patches of fields and woods on the other.
The noises around me become louder.
I walk faster.
I peer over my shoulder.
Thoughts keep running through my head.
Everything thrown together in turmoil.
I see the lights up ahead.
The highway.
I walk faster.
I turn onto the sidewalk.
There is a small bridge ahead.
I stop and look down at the clear flowing water below.
I kneel down and peer over.
Just far enough, yet maybe a little too far.
I close my eyes.
Visions of myself tumbling over the edge.
I stay in that thought a moment longer.
Open my eyes.
Stand up.
Turn around.
Walk away.
I head back through the dark familiar path.
Fast pace.
Heightened senses.
Clear thoughts