“Kimmy, look!” Emmy says pointing in the general direction of the counter.
“What Ems” I am in the middle of getting them drinks so I don’t really look.
“Look at the dishwasher, Kimmy!” She says slightly more frantic.

This time I look. Much to my dismay, there is white oozing out from the bottom of the dishwasher, everywhere.

Oh shit, what did I do wrong?

I quickly rush to the dishwasher and hit the cancel button. I open the dishwasher to observe the mess. 
Everywhere, soap is fucking everywhere.

Shit, shit, shit! What the fuck did I do wrong? How the hell am I supposed to clean this up?

“What happened, Kimmy?” Emmy and JoJo keep asking me.

“I don’t know! I put in some soap from the bottle, closed the little snappy thing, and then closed the dishwasher. I didn’t hit any wrong buttons or anything.”

“Kimmy, you used the wrong soap!” Emmy exclaims.

“No I didn’t I used the one that said liquid soa-“ The light bulb  clicks on.

Shit! You used the wrong soap, you idiot! How, how do you manage these things!?

“Kimmy, that is the soap you use if you are washing the dishes in the sink! You use the little packets if you are using the dishwasher.” Emmy, only 6 years old explains to me.

“Oh man, I so messed up. Alright, Jo, can you get me the towel by the door?”

“Sure.  Kimmy? You probably shouldn’t try this again.  You should probably ask.”

Thanks Jo, Thanks.”

I take the towel from her and start mopping up the mess.  The girls get paper towels and help. We get all of the soap from off of the outside of the dishwasher and off the floor.  Then I need to conquer the inside.

“Ok, I am going to hit the drain button and see if that helps the inside.” I explain to the girls. We all sit there waiting to see if more oozing occurs.

For two minutes, we sit and stare.

Thankfully, none came out. I open the dishwasher to see that it still looks the same.


 I shove the towel inside the dishwasher and start mopping up huge piles of suds. I pick them up and wrap them into the towel. Suds are flying everywhere.

“Look at your shoulder, Kimmy!” JoJo giggles at me.

I look over to see large amounts of suds on me.

“Oh man, I am a mess.” I giggle.

As we clean, we talk.

“Kimmy, you should probably text mommy and tell her what happened.” Emmy suggests.

No fucking way I am telling about this.  I am so embarrassed.

“Well, how about we see if this fixes the problem. If we fix it, then we don’t need to tell mommy right? She doesn’t need to know everything that happens…”

Shit, I am encouraging them to lie! Awesome, Kim.

“Ok guys, how about no one tells mommy about this except for me.  I will tell her, just let me do it.”

“Ok” they both agree.

We finish cleaning up the mess, and Emmy puts in the little packet. Hesitantly, I start the dishwasher again. Every minute or so I glance over at it, willing the suds to stay in their place.  Finally after 25 minutes of it running, I breathe easy.

Well that was embarrassing.