Sometimes, constantly having to explain yourself and explain what you are capable of can be frustrating.  Just come see what I am capable of.  I am not perfect, far from it.  But last time I checked, no one is perfect.

Except I get judged harsher, when I make a mistake, it counts for more. It means I am incapable of things. When in reality, it is a mistake anyone would or could have made. It is very unfair.

People wonder why I am so hard on myself. They wonder why I dwell on things when I make mistakes.  They wonder.

Growing up this way is not easy.  It is exhausting.  When people want to meet with you to discuss your capabilities, you must have the perfect answers. They have to be concise.  They have to sound responsible. They have to exactly what they are looking for. One wrong answer and you are done. It is so much pressure to be perfect, when in fact you are not even close.  Sometimes, you just want to break down and cry.

Can’t you see? I can do this.  I am good enough.  Just give me a chance.  A real chance. Give me the opportunity to prove myself.