When I was 13, I wanted to climb the highest tree in my backyard.
I woke up early one morning, and went outside.
It was a cool, crisp, New England Fall morning.
It felt good.
I went into my backyard and looked at the tree, trying to decide the best route to take.
I got on the little bridge and climbed up the steps to the platform for the monkey bars.  I could almost reach a branch of the tree.
I climbed onto bar above and sat there for a moment.
Then I climbed onto the first tree branch.
Already I felt different.
I felt separated from the world.
I felt I could escape everything.
I looked out and saw people up on the street.
Life going on in the way it does.
The world continuing to turn.
Time continuing on.
I had to go to school.
But just wanted to stay a little longer.
But I knew,
I understood,
there is no escaping.
Life will not wait while you take a break.
It keeps going with or without you.
I watched the birds fly from tree to tree.
Saw squirrels collecting acorns.
They continued preparing for the white blankets that would soon fall.
Everything kept moving.
I had to as well.