This is my private blog.  I share what I want, to an extent.  So you guys get the real deal about my life, student teaching etc…

So today I got through student teaching, and I didn’t puke.  Amazing, I know.

There were some other interesting situations though…

“So is there a solution if I came without a lunch?” I sheepishly ask the lead teacher, Mrs. P.

“I just didn’t bring one because I didn’t know if there was a fridge, but I have money so I can at least buy lunch!” I throw in quickly so she doesn’t think I am a complete moron.

“Well, you can by a lunch.  And yes there is a fridge.”

She gathers the kids together for lunch and I walk with them to the cafeteria.

We wait for another teacher to come take over for lunch time.  In the mean time, we usher the small ones into line or help those seated with opening things.

“Ok, the other teacher is here, let’s go”

The teacher takes off.

“Wait, Wait!” Says a little voice behind me.

I turn around to see little Caleb holding out his nachos for me to open.

“Did you try to open them yet Caleb?”


“Well, how about you attempt to open them first, then if you can’t I will help.”


Caleb tugs and pulls at the bag.  I know he almost has it, but he is struggling so much! Just as I am about to interfere, he rips the bag open.

“Good work, Caleb! I knew you could do it!”

He gives me a big goofy grin.

I turn to see Mrs. P. standing near me.

“Sorry!” she says “I just take off fast; we don’t have a lot of time to eat.”

“Sorry.” I explain to her what happened on the way to the lunchroom.

“That’s fine” she says, opening the door to the teacher lounge. “Ok, so now you know where we eat.  Do you want to run to the cafeteria again and find some food?”

“Yea, I will do that.”

I head back down to the cafeteria and get in line. Once inside, I stand there awkwardly.

Ok, what am I going to eat?  I won’t eat the nachos, unless I can get them without chili.  I won’t eat ham and cheese. Wait! They said something about peanut butter and jelly this morning.  I can eat that! Hmm now where is it?

I walk around looking and looking.

C’mon, it can’t be that hard to find! Ugh, you are running out of time to eat.

I finally have to suck up what little pride I have and ask a lunch lady.

“Oh they are right here!”

She pulls out one of those packages with the circular pb & j sandwich things.

Well this will do.

“Thank you!”

I quickly pay and run back to the teachers lounge.  I grab a Dr. Pepper from the vending machine and chug it down. Bad idea by the way.

Before I know it, lunch is over. I feel gross. 

The rest of the day?

A bit uncomfortable.


I am bringing my own lunch.