Today my sister and I went to get haircuts
Of course we had the boys with us.
My sister went first.  So, I was wearing Logan in the Ergo and trying to keep Connor out of mischief.  As well as trying to drink my morning coffee. 
Connor wanted to be involved in everything. 
He watched as my sister got her hair shampooed.
He stood right by her side, staring. Learning how everything was done.
Then after she moved over to the other chair, he decided to try to play with the hose.
We decided that wasn’t a great idea.
So then he climbed into the chair, stretched his little body as far back as he could, and stuck his head in the sink.
We all giggled.

“What is his name?” asked the hairdresser. “I will put his name in the book for a haircut if you’d like.”

My sister thought about if for a minute.

“Sure, his name is Connor.”

The hair dresser walks away to put his name in the book.
In the meantime, Connor runs over to one of the stations and grabs the hair dryer.
He turns it on and starts drying his already dry hair.
I try to get him to stop, but it does not seem very likely.

Thankfully the hairdressers find him cute.

“Is this Connor?” another hairdresser comes over to us.
“Yup, this is him.”
“Are you ready for your haircut?”
Connor says nothing, but instead runs over to a chair at one of the sinks.
“Guess so” she laughs.

Connor puts his head back just right and happily sits there as his hair is washed.
He doesn’t even flinch when she is washing the soap out. (Which he hates at bath time.)
She puts the towel on his head after and asks Connor to hold it; he doesn’t and lets it fall to the floor. 
He just runs over to one of the stations and climbs up in the chair. 
Well, ok then,” she says.
She gets him all set up and starts cutting his hair.  He does everything asked of him, and doesn’t make a peep.
Occasionally he tries to take what she is using so he can do it himself.
But other than that he is still.
“So he has never had a professional haircut before?”
“Nope, just mommy cuts”
“Well, he seems like an old pro!”

Then it comes time for the hair drying.  He would not let the hairdresser do it, he had to.
He holds the hairdryer directly against his head.  Not the best idea, he realizes this and pulls it away. He still will not give it back though. 
He continues to dry his hair.
After a couple of minutes he allows the hairdresser to use the hairdryer. 
Finally he was done.
The only words he spoke the whole time were “Thank you!” as he was leaving.

It was a very successful first professional haircut.